Gubia-Needle is a stainless-steel petal shape needle that acts like a chisel attached to a hypodermic needle to pierce through gelatin and along with a syringe plunge in colored gelatin milk to create a gelatin petal in 3D form suspended inside clear gelatin desserts. With a Gubia-Needle you can create beautiful 3D flowers by injecting them in clear flavored gelatin. This gelatin desserts are 100% edible and these tools are essential for elaborating such surrealistic desserts.


How to maintain: All metals will change color, rust if not taken care properly and stain. We recommend sanitizing your Gubia-Needles once every week if used constantly. You can sanitize them by boiling them in a small pot with water just up to cover the tools and squeezing a half lime or lemon and adding 1 tsp. of baking soda. The oils of the citrus will polish the metal and disinfect. The baking soda will aid the citrus to unclog any harden substance inside the needle. Bring all this mixture to a boil then take the pot away from the heat and let stand for about 5-10 min. Rinse and scrub with a metal or wool scrub to remove any dark spots in solder area by the needle. Pat dry and leave them to air dry before putting them away.

Gubia-Needle #15

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    -Filler petals for bulky flowers