- About The Artist -

Angelica Aguilar


Angelica was born in Mexico in the state of Puebla in a town called Chiautla de Tapia in 1983. Raised in the United States since the age of two, her parents instilled in her their Mexican roots and culture. Mexico is always in her heart and she takes pride in her origins. Belonging to two completely different cultures she practices American and Mexicans customs equally in her beliefs, cuisine and art.


Angelica is very free spirited and as a child she liked art, music, poetry, literature, holistic medicine, nature, history, culinary arts and holds strong to her spiritual believes. Best of all is that all these "hobbies" from her childhood join into one artistic passion … Gelatin Art. She discovered the artistic gelatins in the spring of 2008 by her father who, knowing that she loved to practice on pastries, bought and brought home some of these incredible desserts. She was so in love with these jellies that she did not know whether to eat it or save it, but such was her curiosity she decided to try the beautiful gelatin which unfortunately had no taste in her opinion, not knowing if the dessert characteristics were indeed as so she began to investigate this art on the internet, but found nothing that could guide her at that time. Her father tracked down the street vendors whom he had purchased those gelatins from and asked if they could teach Angelica on how to prepare them. But the vendors refused to teach her. Suddenly she understood that this art was very competitive among homemakers and street vendors. So, the only thing left for Angelica to do was to experiment and speculate. First she practiced a homemade recipe and then tested with different utensils to make cuts in the clear gelatin until she was creating and discovering several things, such as when the pistils were mistakenly circled above, this looked like the baby's breath to her, learning from this mistake that could give a touch of elegance and a more natural look to her flowers, she began by adding the baby's breath technique.


When she published her first creations online in May of 2008, she began receiving numerous calls inquiring as how to make these flowers. Seeing that she could succeed with her creations she devoted to practice and create and feel safer going with this gelatin art field. She later became an instructor later that year. Thus, she began this career in 2008, choosing the name "Blossoms by Angelica" for her business. As an instructor not only does she make surrealistic gelatin art, but also markets her own products for the preparation of this culinary delicacies. She is also the creator of the "Gubia-needle" tools (Jelly tools) that are specially hand crafted by the artist herself to facilitate the elaboration for this encapsulated gelatin flowers, which are available on this website.


 So, this is how Blossoms By Angelica was born and though gelatin artistry began as a hobby for her, she became an instructor of this art at the age of 24, she always has kept her passion for this art and is always trying to innovate and obtain more knowledge for her students. After more than 10 years and counting of her career she has develop intricate and complex details on her work that has set a spotlight with the media and other publications.

 Her secret has always been to see things from another angle, have love for nature and most of all have patience and dedication to her students. That is why in her teachings she tells her students: "Your gelatin is your blank canvas, so create!"



Angelica lives in Chicago with her three children. She runs her own gelatin artistry web store. Angelica has been featured in many publications such as the Edible Artist Network Magazine (Winter 2013)  and at a national Day Time TV Show, Pickler and Ben just to name a few.

Angelica teaches gelatin artistry in Chicago, Illinois by scheduled appointment and programmed group classes. She is well known world-wide from her YouTube videos on how to create elaborate gelatin art. 

She encourages her followers to stay active by offering a raffle giveaway on social media (Click here to stay updated) every month as a token of her appreciation of all the support she has received from her audience. Since 2008, Blossoms by Angelica Gelatin Artistry is not only a local business but has grown overseas. Blossoms by Angelica has shipped to Mexico, Canada, Central America, South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Israel, Europe and the Philippines. 

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